How to use a love doll

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As for how to have sex with a love doll, you can also "caress" and "kiss" in the same way as normal sex. Love dolls are completely different from the onahoru that men use with their own hands, and you can enjoy the feeling of having sex with women. The charm of love dolls is that they have various uses and sex methods, such as your favorite position and things you want to try.

Introducing the basic usage and enjoyment so that you can enjoy the original feeling and excitement.

To get excited about love dolls, you need to know how to use them correctly.

・ Preparation before the act

There are many types of love dolls that are used by inserting an onahole.

If it is an integrated type, it can be combined as it is, but if you purchase and set the onahole separately, you can enjoy the pleasure in the situation where you cover the female genital part with the onahole and insert it there. ..

What are the various ways to enjoy a real love doll?

Today's real love dolls look, feel, and weigh just like real women, so you'll get a different level of excitement and satisfaction from your usual masturbation. Besides, you can use not only the vaginal part but also the mouth (blow) and anal.

・ Use of lotion is more realistic

Unlike real women, love dolls do not get wet even if they are good at caressing. To avoid damaging your penis, it is recommended that you use lotion well to avoid excessive frictional resistance.

In addition to being used for sexual activity, real love dolls can also be used to sleep on the bed. The real love doll realistically reproduces the body line of a woman, so you can feel as if you are holding a woman even in the dark. So even if you're lonely at night, you'll feel at ease as if you were sleeping with a woman.

Therefore, it can be said that it can be enjoyed by those who want to always be with a beautiful woman and those who want to appreciate it as a collection.
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