A Long Island-based food distribution company has signed a deal with Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, Ontario County, to distribute the fruit company’s fresh juices to a larger network of stores, focusing on the New York City area.

BCS International, known as Royal Foods, delivers natural, organic and specialty foods to 2,400 customers along the East Coast, with an emphasis on the New York’s metro area.

Red Jacket, which was started in 1958, first began selling its products to Big Apple customers by way of the city’s Greenmarket in 1992.

“It is exciting to see consumption of our all-natural juices grow from humble beginnings in Union Square farmer’s markets almost 20 years ago to being accessible to consumers on the shelves of thousands of New York’s delis and bodegas,” said Brian Nicholson, president of Red Jacket Orchards. Red Jacket’s line of juices includes cider and nectar blends using apples, apricots, berries and grapes.

“We are proud to add Red Jacket Orchards juices to our all natural product line,” stated BCS President David Yoo. “The freshness, flavor, and health benefits of these locally pressed juices rival anything the West Coast has to offer.”

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