About BCS

BCS International Corp. d/b/a Royal Foods is a natural, organic and specialty food distributor founded in 1989. We started as a distributor who purchased bulk nuts, dried fruit and grains for its customers. We distributed them to retail customers and expanded to diverse grocery commodities year to year. Over the course of our company’s evolution, we have grown from a start-up entity, into one of the most respected wholesale distributors to target mainstream markets in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions especially in the New York City Metro area.

In 2002, we merged with Hyun Dai International Food Corporation with their 28-year food distribution history. We also launched New York Cheese Corporation 2003 to specialize in dairy products. This way we could retain their rapidly expanding distribution business by launching another new company, Care Foods International Corp. in 2008 which concentrates on sizable chain stores.

BCS International Corp. d/b/a Royal Foods deliver the best quality products and services based on extensive food commodities. We have employed a practical customer service approach and have been committed to long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and vendors. In addition to excellent distribution services, we provide value-added services for our retail customers and sub-distributors, to foster mutual success and growth. Our services include marketing activities, promotional programs and store support services. We serve in excess of 2,400 customers including retailers and sub-distributors.
We manage over 6,000 SKU’s and more than 600 vendors which include;

  • Specialty & Gourmet
  • Natural & Organic
  • Dairy
  • International & Multi-cultural
  • Extensive grocery merchandises

For over 2 decades of dedication, we are excited about opportunities that can provide our customers with a great range of products and exclusive services and help them grow and improve their businesses.


Objective & Vision

BCS Int’s Corp’s business objective is to manufacture and market the company’s products to create value that can be sustained over the long term for employees, consumers, and business partners. BCS Int’sCorp. focuses on customers’ satisfaction by providing products and services meeting or exceeding their expectation and needs. BCS Int’s Corp is conscious of the fact that the success of a corporation is a reflection of the professionalism, conduct and the responsible attitude of its management and employees, and we strive for continual improvement in our established quality management system, products and services.

Size & Scope


Over the years, our distribution network has expanded from the New York Metro area to NJ, CT, PA, VA, MD, MI, DE, NC, SC, TN, GA, AL, FL and Washington D.C. Our business has spelled success for our thousands of customers throughout the mainstream market. Currently, we serve in excess of 2,400 customers including retail customers and sub-distributors.

BCS International Corporation. consists of 40 outside salespeople and operates 40 trucks on a daily to deliver and sell approximately 600 different brands to our customers. We have made strategic partnerships with industry leading companies such as Horizon Organic, Stonyfield Farm, Rudy’s Organic, Hain Celestial Group, Eden Foods, Silk Soy, Kraft, Nestle and other well-known vendors. We have imported goods from all over Europe, China, South Korea and South Eastern countries. We maintain 2 warehouse facilities sized about 140,000 sf. Located in Long Island City, New York

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